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1)  What can you put on the badges?  We can put literally anything you want on the badges, from photos, pictures, logos and text

2)  I like the look of a badge but want to change the text, how can I do this?  When ordering there are a couple of boxes where you can fill in the details that you would like to appear on the badge, this includes the text colour, and the background colour.

3)   How can I pay?  You can pay via credit and debit cards, and BACS. If paying by BACS please request our bank details

4)  What size badges do you do?  We currently do 77mm, 55mm, and 38mm badges

5)  I  have a photo of many people but only want one person on the badge, can you edit images?  Yes we have software which enables us to crop photos.

6)   How quickly will I receive my badge(s)?  Badges are normally sent out within 7 working days (if you have requested a proof - then this time is from when Createabadge receive the confirmation to go ahead with the order) and sent out via the selected delivery method that is chosen at time of order, however if you require them quicker than that, then please let us know. 

7)  What size are your standard badges?  The standard size is 55mm, you can purchase any of our badges in our 38mm and 77mm badge sizes.

8)  I would like individual names on the badges - how do I send  them and does it cost extra?  Please put the names in the comments box towards the end of the order.  This does not cost extra

9)  Do you ship to Ireland?  Sadly we don't anymore.

10)  How many photos can I have per order?  We only accept two photos per order, due to the amount of design time involved in producing photo badges